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Anglo Recycling reduces carbon emissions

THERE’s a lot changing in the flooring industry for zero carbon by 2050. Government talk is all about electric cars and heat pumps replacing gas boilers, as we as a country continue to reduce carbon emissions. Anglo Recycling is heavily involved, says Simon Macaulay, chairman of Anglo Recycling Technology.

‘I was scrolling idly through my LinkedIn notifications and came across this from Steve who runs a substantial commercial flooring company on the south coast: ‘Calderdale carpet installed over Reco 42 underlay that consists of 80% wool new carpet offcuts, diverting textiles away from landfill.’

That made my morning – that’s our contract underlay!’
A couple of months ago an experienced member of the industry asked Simon to write a section for his new website aimed at designers and architects on sustainability in the flooring industry. He told Simon these key influencers wanted more information about what the flooring industry is doing.

About the same time, Simon read the following in the newsletter of a customer (a large retail flooring buying group): ‘We’re getting more and more enquiries from customers for environmentally friendly products, and we have an advantageous cost price and group rebate deal in place.’

Says Simon: ‘They were launching our MONARCH, a lovely felt rubber retail underlay made entirely from recycled material, to their members. And it all starts off from the lovely wool rich fibres in the accompanying photograph – taken from bales of carpet offcuts that used to go to landfill.’

It all happens in Lancashire – from bales of offcuts to finished carpet underlay all on one site in the Rossendale valley. ‘Most of our raw materials come factories and fitters from within 50 miles of the factory,’ concludes Simon.

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