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BerryAlloc ‘pioneering water-resistant laminate since 2008’

BERRYALLOC says it’s been pioneering water-resistant laminate since 2008, when it first introduced its Hydro+ technology to the market.

Says the company: ‘Hydro+ is the original water-resistant technology developed by BerryAlloc in 2008, signalling a revolution in the laminate flooring industry and instantly making the floor suitable for use in bathrooms. Hydro+ uses precision engineering and a varnish that’s applied to the edges of the plank to form a seal that prevents moisture ingress to a water-repellent HDF core.

‘The result is a floor that’s water-resistant as soon as it leaves the factory with the capability to hold off standing water for up to 24 hours, plenty of time to mop any excess spills away in even the busiest home.’

Scott Arundell, regional sales director, BerryAlloc, explains: ‘Hydro+ was developed over a decade ago but there has yet to be a technology that offers a better, or more proven, alternative to the challenge of making laminate floors suitable for bathroom use.

‘The water-tight seal provides reassurance in almost any situation and means even the splashiest of family bath times can be enjoyed without the worry of long-term damage. Even if the floor isn’t destined for a bathroom, it’s a confidence-inspiring benefit that’s sure to factor in the purchasing decision for consumers looking for a quality laminate floor option.’

Concludes BerryAlloc: ‘With a track-record of 13 years, Hydro+ is proven technology and one that finds itself on an array of laminate floors from BerryAlloc, all now offering a 15-year guarantee against damage from moisture. The new Ocean+ collection is the latest to feature the water-tight seal at plank edges, and it also delivers a floor to be enjoyed throughout the home with Eternity and Eternity Long.’

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