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BONA personnel in the Czech Republic recently told their UK colleagues about an application of Bona Hard Wax Oil. It was used by Czech Bona Certified Contractors, Parketcentrum, to finish the new parquet flooring they’d installed in the hallways and corridors of the magnificent 12th century castle that overlooks the Czech town of Loket.

The team at Parketcentrum said it chose Bona Hard Wax Oil because it was looking for a highly durable surface that could be spot maintained when required.

‘Bona Hard Wax Oil is a popular choice among contractors in the UK too, owing to its speed and ease of application – just two thin layers are required with no need for a primer,’ says the company.

‘For customers who want the warm, textured look of an oiled floor, Bona Hard Wax Oil delivers a surface where the grain remains clearly defined. But, at the same time, the hard wax layer makes the surface highly resistant to water and scuff marks.

‘The formulation contains no cobalt or ketoximes and is even safe enough to use on children’s toys.  It’s also suitable for use with underfloor heating. Bona Hard Wax Oil is available in a range of sheens – including Extra Matt which has a reflective value of just 3% at 60o.’

Concludes Bona: ‘If your customers are looking for colour on their floor, speak to our technical team about how you can use Bona Hard Wax Oil in combination with our coloured Bona Craft Oil 2K products to achieve a range of colours from pale Nordic tones through to deep, rich browns.’
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