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ProKnee offers an add-on attachment kit

PROKNEE has introduced a Step Down Riser Plate Kit, an add-on attachment kit for its Standard Treadman Multi-Angle Stair Tread Cutting System that is designed to work with Roppe’s LVT Six Degrees One Piece Step Down Riser Tread. The kit, says ProKnee, allows users to capture angles of the riser using adjustable steel plates on risers measuring between 6-1/8” to 8-7/8”. The Treadman itself is a tool that the company says is ‘specifically designed for the stair tread installer, novice and experienced alike, that will cut your installation time in half and provide you with precise, professional results every time.’ ProKnee believes that what makes Treadman ‘a unique and invaluable tool’ is its design and function that side-steps tricky and time-consuming professional installation techniques, such as three-wall scribing and pattern scribing. By securely locking in each step/tread’s specific geometry, Treadman can act as a template and cutting guide for ‘quick, accurate and perfectly cut stair treads that conform to the most difficult of steps you may come up against.’

Treadman is a portable light weight tool weighing 6-1/2 lbs that is made up of 1/16” steel plates and which has been ‘built to withstand a lifetime of cutting.’ ProKnee says that ‘with large easy to adjust knobs and spring-loaded edge plates, Treadman makes your next measurement as quick and easy as your last.’

Treadman’s standard unit can expand in length from 35-1/4” to 61-1/2”, but with three other optional extension kits, Treadman’s range can expand from 24” up to 9-1/2”. Treadman’s rubber stair tread thickness gauge automatically adjusts from 1/32” to 1/4”.

The optional self-storage carry case is constructed from blade-friendly high-density polyethylene, which expands and doubles as a heavy-duty cutting surface specifically designed to cut and handle rubber stair treads up to 6-1/2 ft in length. An overall cutting surface of 13-1/2” x 6” 3-3/4” with a 1-7/8” vertical surface is provided for cutting nosing’s.

As ProKnee explains, ‘with very little practice and time you will have mastered this tool, which in turn will reward with time savings and results of perfection.’

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