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Refurbishment at NHS warehouse and call centre

CFA member, Stanground Carpets & Flooring, has joined forces with UltraFloor to complete a refurbishment job at a Peterborough based NHS warehouse and call centre.

Stanground Carpets & Flooring recently installed 320sq m of Polysafe standard flooring with expansion strips at an NHS warehouse-based training facility and 300sq m call centre in Peterborough.

The recent demands on the NHS meant a swift turnaround was appreciated by the owners of the building. Contractors had just eight days to complete the subfloor preparation and install the Polysafe flooring at the large warehouse and four days for the offices.

Said the company: ‘Experienced fitters, and long-standing UltraFloor customers, chose to prepare the power-floated substrate by priming first with Prime IT Multi-surface Primer, then applying Level IT Renovate to each section of the area.

‘Formulated to promote adhesion to UltraFloor smoothing underlayments, Prime IT Multi-surface Primer reduces pinholing, minimising the risk of costly failures. With a coverage rate of 200sq m at 3:1 dilution, Prime IT multi-surface Primer is a must-have product for all flooring installation projects. Developed for the renovation of existing floors, Level IT Renovate is fibre-reinforced for added strength and to minimise the risk of hairline cracks – reducing a common cause of failure.’

Said to be suitable for deep applications from 3-40mm, Level IT Renovate is multi-purpose for extensive use and, says the company, boasts what are described as excellent flow properties, ‘making this flexible and versatile floor leveller suitable for a wide range of flooring substrates’.

The company continues: ‘Level IT Renovate is protein-free, reducing the risk and spread of bacteria, and is low odour providing a pleasant environment for contractors, homeowners and any staff working in the project area. What’s more, Level IT Renovate has a working time of 20-30 minutes, can be walked on in as little as two to two-and-a-half hours and can receive floorcoverings in four hours.’

Owing to what’s described as the reported expertise of Stanground Carpets & Flooring and ‘the quality of UltraFloor materials, this important project was finished on time and to an excellent standard’.

On the performance of UltraFloor, Stuart Clark, MD of Stanground Carpets & Flooring commented: ‘I’ve found UltraFloor’s new Level IT Renovate to be a very versatile and affordable latex screed. The flow rate is really good, but the main thing is, we haven’t had a problem with it in the year or so we have been using it. That’s a big thing for me as I don’t like problems. We also used their pink primer which has great coverage.’

For more information about UltraFloor and its range of subfloor preparation materials, contact its range of flooring experts.
01827 254402

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