At Shaw Contract, we believe that the ground beneath your feet should have a positive impact on how you live, learn, work, heal and play. We strive for design excellence in everything we do – from conception to production to installation, it is what sets us apart. We make flooring that delivers a purposeful blend of design elements, materiality, sustainability and performance. Every day we take on creative challenges to research, design and innovate flooring solutions that transform spaces across the globe.

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Simply by Nature
Inspired by the wonder of the outside world, the Simply By Nature collection brings organic patterns and soft textures inside.

The Kindred carpet tile collection helps create spaces that encourage a feeling of identification, and brings warmth and comfort into any interior.

Assembly represents a thoughtful approach to flooring solutions that reflects the evolving needs of our interior environments.

Suited draws upon our aesthetic, tactile and emotional responses to both soothe and empower, inspire and engage.

The Haven Collection draws inspiration from the qualities we associate with home.

Rapid Select 01
With Rapid Select you can complete your project in 3 easy steps.

Rapid Select 02
With Rapid Select you have a choice of specially edited, influential styles and colours that meet the demand of modern, functional, commercial interiors.

Our design team set out to rethink the way we use materials and construct flooring with a new high performance surface.

reFrame is a woven LVT that brings visual depth and texture to the spaces where we work, play and learn.

A collection that brings together the look of refined wood and stone, in neutral and bright shades, Unite combines beauty with the utmost durability.