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So, you want good business? Make it about the customer!

How do you ensure your business is successful? James says you should start by enhancing your customer experience.

IN the world we live in nowadays, it’s not enough just to offer your company’s products and/or services. The internet, competition and what others say about you can make a difference to company growth, reputation and ultimately, profitability. So how do you ensure your business is successful? Start by enhancing your customer experience.

A strong customer experience means making it easy for them. With an array of options more than ever before, today’s customer wants more than just your product or service. Take yourself as an example, what happens when you call a company for a relatively minor issue or to get advice and you are left on hold indefinitely? You will probably try to avoid using that company or service based solely off that negative experience. Companies today need to exceed customer expectations which starts by making it easy for the customer to do business with them.

A recent report from Forbes Insight found 74% of consumers are somewhat or very likely to buy from a company based entirely on their experience – regardless of the price or product. It also found 77% consider a company’s customer experience to be just as important as the quality of its products or services.

The report also notes that 65% of respondents would become a long-term customer of a brand that provides a positive experience throughout an entire customer journey, from initial interest, through purchase and to customer service.

At Quadrant we’ve been working tirelessly to enhance the customer experience even in the face of the pandemic. I can talk to you about our product innovations and use of technology etc, and there is a place for that, but the customer experience is much more than just having the products they desire. For us it’s all about making the customer experience and journey with us as smooth as possible.

For starters we’ve invested in our staff to ensure they’re trained in all our product offerings and knowledgeable in the main aspects of flooring specification to ensure they can deal with customer queries quickly and effectively.

Our sales and customer service teams are on hand to provide 24/7 support to help customers when specifying our products. What if they just don’t want to speak to anyone? Well, we have an array of technical information and resources for our customers to use. These range from installation guides and videos, maintenance documents, infographics, product literature and other materials they can explore at a time which suits them.

As our teams are always available, customers can rest assured that when they decide to pick up the phone to talk about their project needs, we’re on hand to help. A recent project we did typifies our customer centric approach. Early collaboration with the owners of the Alexander Hotels Collection saw the completion of a range of distinctly designed spaces in some of the group’s key residences including Great Fosters, Barnett Hill, Rowhill Grange and Utopia Spa.

At the early design phase, our team engaged with theirs to set out the program of works and evaluate the different project’s requirements including room usage, limitations, and budget. Once the project goals were set, it was important to liaise with the other teams involved to further develop the design. From the initial meeting to completion these projects took between four-to-six weeks to complete.

Listening and understanding our customer’s needs, we were able to specify our corkwood flooring to mimic traditional wood flooring. In this instance, corkwood has the benefit of being better suited for use in the older buildings in our client’s estate due to its excellent acoustic properties (15dB). The solution offered also had to meet the requirement for floating floors as the original wood floorboards in the hotel were very old and squeaky.

By following the customer’s lead and providing support, assistance and advice as needed, we were able to help deliver an outstanding project in a short timeframe to our client’s satisfaction. Having a customer centric approach means it takes our customers less effort to achieve their project goals, which we believe leads to loyalty and, as highlighted in the research is a key brand differentiator.

In summary, to provide the best for your customers, put yourself in their shoes. It may seem odd but having a complete and proper understanding of what it’s like for your customer when they use your services, will enable you to identify areas for improvement, as well as understand things from their perspective. With your newfound information you are better placed to make changes that make things easier for the clients and customers that are so valuable to your company.

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