With over a 100 year experience, UZIN provides the UK’s flooring professionals with ecological, innovative and high quality products and solutions. From new installations to renovation of all types of floor coverings.

With smoothing compounds, primers, damp-proofing systems and adhesives, the whole range comprises practical products and solutions for today’s flooring contractors.

It takes a high degree of effort and creativity to fulfil the vision you have given your clients. It requires attention to detail and an uncompromising requirement for solutions to issues that your projects demand. In recent years flooring installations can be compromised with cheap and low quality subfloor products which can affect the durability of the floorcovering. At UZIN, our product systems are of the highest quality and are also safe for the environment.

Our promises:

  • To work with our customers in partnership.
  • Support our customers to achieve mutual success.
  • Adapt our products to the most recent demands of the market and to the needs of our customers.
  • To offer our customers the best solution for each project, even in the face of exceptional challenges.
  • To be there when we are needed for help, advice and assistance.

Training Course

UZIN Subfloor Preparation & Application

This course offers you the opportunity to learn about UZIN‘s high quality systems.

  • Subfloor identification
  • Overview of British Standards relevant to the flooring industry
  • Explanation of moisture tests
  • DPM solutions
  • Priming methods
  • Smoothing compounds
  • Adhesive application
  • Dry adhesive application

CPD – Modern Installation Systems for Floor Coverings

Examine what constitutes as modern installation systems for floor coverings. Evaluate best practice and how to reduce risk. Investigate the latest innovations and developments.

Uzin loyalty scheme

You can obtain different amounts of points from our UZIN selection range of products. Our best selling products which cover 90% of your day to day requirements.   For every 300 points you collect, you can exchange them for £50.00 towards a gift card of your choice. For example, collect 2310 points and claim £350.00 worth of gift cards to redeem as you wish on one gift card or across several. Choose from high street retailers, supermarkets, travel companies or spa and event days. For more information visit our website www.uzin.co.uk

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